Configuring a HyperScale Storage Pool

Use the following procedure to configure a HyperScale storage pool.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Linux MediaAgent and the Storage Pool packages on all the disks that you plan to setup as a HyperScale.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage > HyperScale.

    The HyperScale page appears.

  2. From the right corner click Add.

    The Add HyperScale dialog box appears.

  3. In the Name box, type a name for the Storage Pool.

    The storage pool name can include alphanumeric characters 1-9, a-z, and A-Z. Special characters or non-alphanumeric characters are not supported.

  4. From the Nodes list, click and select the nodes that must be added in the storage pool..


    • The Nodes list contains a list of disks with the Linux MediaAgent and Storage Pool packages that are not yet configured.

    • 3 nodes are required to create a storage pool.

  5. Click Save.


The new storage pool is saved and listed in the HyperScale page.

What to Do Next