Configuring the Storage Policy for Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups

A default DR storage policy (CommServeDR) is automatically created and configured as the storage policy for Disaster Recovery (DR) backups, when the first library is configured in the CommCell. The storage policy can be modified if needed.


Recommended: Configure a disk library exclusively for DR data.

The primary copy of the DR storage policy is created as a WORM (Write Once Read Many) copy, to prevent accidental deletion of jobs that is not qualified for aging. The expiration date for the read-only is set to match the data retention time established in the storage policy copy. The jobs associated with the policy cannot be deleted by any user or application until the specified retention date. Once the retention expires, the system deletes the jobs as part of Data Aging. WORM copy option cannot be cleared in the copy, and the data retention on the WORM copy can be increased but cannot be lowered.

A secondary copy for the DR backup data is automatically created when you configure the first tape library. An Auxiliary Copy schedule which runs every 15 minutes is automatically created. If necessary, you can change the frequency of this Auxiliary Copy operation.


Recommended: Use special barcode ranges or colors for the media used for DR backups. For more information on setting up barcode patterns, see Managing Media in a Library - Manage Media Using Barcode Patterns

Before You Begin


  1. In the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe, click Control Panel, and then click DR Backup.

    The DR Backup Settings dialog box is displayed.

  2. From the Export Settings tab, in the Backup Settings group, select the storage policy.

  3. Click OK.