Database Group and Folder Permissions for UNIX Configurations

Applies to: DB2, DB2 MultiNode, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle RAC, SAP HANA, SAP MaxDB, SAP for Oracle, Sybase

After you complete the database agent installations, review the following permissions so that software can access the folders that it needs to successfully perform backup and restore operations.

The database process must have read and write access to the following Commvault folders:

  • The job results folder

  • The log files folder

  • The registry folder

When to Use a UNIX Group

Most of the Commvault processes run with the root privileges, but in some cases the databases launch the processes and the Commvault processes inherit the database access rights. To ensure that all Commvault processes can read and write to the registry and log files, you can do one of the following operations:

  • Grant world-wide access to the files

  • Grant write access to the processes that belong to a particular group such as "oinstall" or "dba". If you use this option, then make sure that all database users are members of the group.

Changing UNIX Groups and Permissions on UNIX Clients