Ensuring That Data Volumes are Usable

After conversion, run iSCSI attachment commands on the converted instance to ensure that the data volumes are usable.


  1. From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, go to Resources > Attached Block Volumes.

  2. To view volume information, click the Actions icon beside a volume and then click iSCSI Commands & Information.

  3. Open a PowerShell prompt with administrator privileges.

  4. Run the following commands to ensure that the iSCSI initiator is running:

    Set-Service -Name msiscsi -StartupType Automatic
    Start-Service msiscsi
  5. For each volume, run the following command to attach the volume:

    Connect-IscsiTarget -NodeAddress volume_iqn -TargetPortalAddress ip_address IsPersistent $True

    With the following inputs:

    • volume_iqn: The iSCSI qualified number (IQN) that identifies the volume.

    • ip_address: IP address for the target portal.