Distributed Storages can be configured as a Disk Library using a Commvault MediaAgent.

To setup the disk library you must setup the Distributed Storages and the Commvault MediaAgent which will also act as Hedvig Proxy to move the data to the storage nodes.

Distributed Storages (1)


This documentation uses the following terminology.

Hedvig Storage Cluster

Consists of the Hedvig Storage Nodes which together will act as a repository for the data.

Hedvig Storage Proxy

Hedvig storage proxies are setup on the Commvault MediaAgent to move the data between the client and the actual storage node.

Hedvig Deployment Server

Hedvig Deployment Server is used to deploy the software on Hedvig Storage Nodes and Storage Proxies.

Protection Policy

Determines the method of storing the data.

Protection Policy can be one of the following:

Replication is the simplest form of data protection, which replicates and maintains one or more additional copies of the original objects.

Erasure Coding is a data protection method which duplicates blocks of data across storage media. Erasure coding adds redundancy to the system and tolerates failures without data loss.