Hitachi NAS (BlueArc), EMC Unity, and Isilon Archiving

The Commvault file archiving solution for Hitachi NAS (BlueArc), EMC Unity, and Isilon, enables you to move data to a secondary storage and use it to function as an archive copy.


You cannot view the offline, sparse, or reparse attributes of the stubs. When you right-click the stubs to view the stub properties, a recall operation is triggered automatically on the stub.

Supported Protocol

Server Message Block (SMB) 1.0 protocol

SMB 2.0 protocol

SMB 3.0 protocol

What is Archived

OnePass archives the files on the file server.

The subclient filter does not filter the MediaAgent disk library mount paths from the subclient content. Therefore, you must specify the volumes that contain disk library mount paths for subclient filter. Otherwise, the entire disk library will be archived.

What is Not Archived

The following file types/objects are automatically filtered out of archive operations by the system, and cannot be archived.

  • Install folder

  • Job Results folder

  • Index cache folder

  • Log files folder

  • Windows system32 folder

  • Alias mount points to drive letter volumes*

  • Unix data residing on a Windows NFS share

  • Files with attributes of encrypted or sparse

  • Files with attributes of hidden and system

Files Excluded from Archiving

  • *.dll

  • *.bat

  • *.exe

  • *.cur

  • *.ico

  • *.lnk