Installation of UNIX Agents By a Non-Root User With Sudo Privileges

A non-root user with sudo privileges can install UNIX agents.


The user must have adequate sudo privileges. See Adding sudo Users with Root Privileges on a UNIX Client.

Supported Installation Methods

The following installation methods are supported:

  • Local installations (including installations in decoupled mode)

  • Custom package creation and installation

  • Unattended installations (silent installations that use prerecorded XML files)

  • Installations using the CommCell Console

For local installations, whether interactive or unattended, execute the installer with the sudo command.


  • $ sudo ./cvpkgadd

  • $ sudo ./silent_install -p default.xml -authcode authcodenum

For push installation from the Commcell Console GUI, specify the username and password of the sudoer account. Commvault will automatically utilize sudo to run the install package.