Launching Roles Manager in Unattended Mode on Windows Computers

You can launch Roles Manager in unattended mode on Windows computers to install specific packages.

You should first customize the install.xml answer file from the application seed package before using it for installation of seed package. Roles Manager gets launched automatically at the end of the installation of the seed package on the client computer.


  1. Locate the install.xml answer file. For more information, see Customizing the Answer File of a Windows Custom Package.

  2. Customize the answer file with the application seed package's ID by modifying the <installFlags> parameter as follows:

<installFlags installLatestServicePack="1" showFirewallConfigDialogs="0" skipConfigureMigrationAssistant="1" autoRegister="0" unixGroupAccess="7" allowMultipleInstances="1" skipConfigureLaptopBackupMonitor="1" useNewOS="0" restoreOnlyAgents="0" killBrowserProcesses="0" install32Base="0" disableOSFirewall="0" decoupledInstall="0" RepairMode="0" launchConsole="0" deletePackagesAfterInstall="0" useExistingDump="0" unixOtherAccess="7" stopOracleServices="0" install64Base="0" cleanupExistingInstance="0" upgradeMode="0" preferredIPFamily="1" launchRegisterMe="0" skipConfigureProcessManager="0" ignoreJobsRunning="0" forceReboot="0" overrideClientInfo="0" activateAllUserProfiles="0" launchRolesManager="1" selectedRoles="VirtualServerID,MediaAgentID" />


VirtualServerID = Package ID of virtual server

MediaAgentID = Package ID of MediaAgent


Packages IDs can be found at root of the Windows media in the winpackages.xml file.