Managing VM Group Content for VMware

For an existing VM group, you can add virtual machines or modify the content selections.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that the vSphere password for the hypervisor does not contain any of the following special characters or any non-ASCII characters: ampersand (&), semicolon (;), double quotation mark ("), single quotation mark ('), caret (^), backslash (\), percentage sign (%), left angle bracket (<), right angle bracket (>).

    For more information, see the VMware KB article vSphere 5.5 Single Sign-On Issues due to Special Characters in administrator@vsphere.local password (2060637).

    If the vSphere password contains invalid characters, you might not be able to select VMs based on tags.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the VM groups tab, click an existing VM group.

  3. Under Content, click Manage.

    The VM group content page appears.

  4. To modify virtual machine credentials for application-aware backups, click action_button in the Actions column of the row for the VM, and then select Edit Credentials.

  5. To remove a virtual machine, click action_button in the Actions column of the row for the VM and select Remove.

  6. To add VM group content, click Add virtual machines.

    The Add virtual machines page appears.

  7. Browse and select VMs: Expand the tree to select the content for the VM group. Click Select all to quickly select all objects or Clear all to remove all current selections.

    You can select a view from the grouping list to control the browse display.

  8. Click OK after selecting VMs or other objects.

  9. To discover virtual machines automatically, click Add rule, and then define the rule.

    For information about filtering instances and configuring rules to automatically discover instances, see Views and Rule Options for VM Groups.

  10. To edit a rule, click action_button in the Actions column of the row for the VM and select Edit rule.

  11. Click Preview to see a list of the virtual machines that will be backed up and the hosts for the VMs.

  12. Click OK to save the changes to VM group content.