Migrate Backup Vendor Archives to Commvault Using ObjectStore

Commvault provides a data migration solution that you can use to migrate data protected by a third-party software to the ObjectStore (data storage repository). After you migrate the data, users can access and manage the files from the Web Console and can take advantage of other features in Web Console.

Key Features

  • Fast and efficient mechanism to migrate large number of files to theCommvault ObjectStore.

  • Protect the data by scheduling backups to the ObjectStore.

  • Configure a retention period for the data in ObjectStore. When the retention period is reached, delete the files from the ObjectStore.

  • Search the files based on custom properties from the Web Console.

Supported Data Types

Third- party migration is only supported for file system data. For example, this solution is not applicable if you have third-party data, such as Oracle or MSSQL data, that cannot be restored as files.