Modifying the Default Subclient to Remove Coverage for Unprotected Virtual Machines

By default, all the virtual machines from a vCenter are automatically included in the default subclient of any backup set. This behavior is designed to ensure all virtual machines are backed up. However, when a virtual machine is included in a user defined subclient, it is automatically excluded from the default subclient. This prevents the duplicate backup of any virtual machine by the default subclient. (Duplicate backups still occur if a virtual machine is included in multiple user-defined subclients.)


In a VMware instance, at least one subclient for the vCenter should be able to cover unprotected VMs. If you disable this feature for all subclients, some data in the vCenter may not get backed up.

To protect specific virtual machines using the default subclient, instead of automatically including all unprotected virtual machines, perform the following steps.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server > VMware > backup_set.

  2. Right-click the default subclient and then select Properties.

  3. Click the Content tab.

    The Contents of subclient list displays All unprotected VMs as the content Type. That entry indicates that all virtual machines from the vCenter that are not included in any other subclient in the given backup set will automatically be backed up by the default subclient.

  4. Use the Add or Browse button to add one or more entries to back up specific VMs or sets of VMs. You can select specific virtual machines or add rules to identify VM name patterns, hosts, datastores, folders, or resource pools.

  5. To remove the default coverage for all virtual machines not covered by other subclients, select All unprotected VMs from the list and then click Delete.

  6. Click OK.

If you remove all entries from the Contents of subclient list, All unprotected VMs will appear in the list again.


  • Backup jobs for the default subclient complete successfully if no virtual machines are discovered for the default subclient. To change this behavior, configure the AllowEmptyDefaultSubclient additional setting on the Virtual Server Agent proxy and set the value to false.

  • To enable backup jobs for non-default subclients to complete successfully when no virtual machines are discovered for non-default subclients, configure the AllowEmptySubclient additional setting on the Virtual Server Agent proxy and set the value to true.