OneDrive for Business

You can use the Commvault software to protect data in Microsoft OneDrive for Business cloud storage.

Key Features

  • Back up and restore files, folders, and OneDrive for Business accounts to cloud, local storage, and secondary storage devices.

  • Perform point-in-time restores of OneDrive for Business accounts to cloud OneDrive folder, other user account, and local storage disk.

  • Restore file versions using a point-in-time restore operation.

  • Autodiscovery of users and user groups.

  • Multiple iterations of the Azure app to avoid throttling limitations.

  • Advanced search options for backed-up data.

  • Data aging and retention for backed-up data.

  • Autocreation of subclients.

  • Schedule backup operations to run automatically at regular intervals.

  • Content indexing and compliance search.