Options for Conversion to Google Cloud Platform

When you restore a VM from a different hypervisor to Google Cloud Platform, provide Google Cloud Platform values for the restore operation.

Restore Options

  • Restore as: Select Google Cloud.

  • Destination: Select a Google Cloud Platform hypervisor from the list.

  • Access node (Optional): To use a different proxy, select a Windows or Linux proxy from the list.

    By default, the preferred VSA proxy for the hypervisor is used for the restore.

  • If you are restoring multiple VMs, click the All VMs tab to specify configuration values for all destination instances, or click the name of each instance to specify values individually.

    • Instance display name (when restoring an individual instance): Enter the display name for the converted instance.

    You can specify the following values for all instances or for an individual instance:

    • Zone: Browse to select the destination zone.

    • Machine type: Select the machine configuration type to be used for the converted VMs.

    • External IP: To assign a public IP address for restored instances, select this check box.

    • Network interface (for an individual instance): Browse to select an available network connection for the destination zone.

  • Power on instances after restore: Start the converted instance automatically after the conversion completes.

  • Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists: Delete an existing instance and replace it with the converted instance.