This command allows you to log off from a specified CommServe and terminates the secure connection with the CommServe established by qlogin. By default, if a CommServe name is not specified, this command logs out from the CommServe in the current host.

Upon successful completion, qlogout displays that the user logged out successfully and the login information is removed from the qsessions file. The qsessions file is deleted upon successful logout from all the CommServes. In case of an error, an error code and description are displayed as: "qlogout: Error errorcode: errordescription"


qlogout [-cs <commserve_host_name>] [-all] [-tf <tokenfile>] [-tk <token>] [-h]



CommServe host name


Logout all users


Reads token from a file


Token string


Displays help


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful completion.

1 - CLI usage failures, due to the use of an unsupported option or missing argument.

2 - Any other failure.


  • Logout command executed when connected to a CommServe.

  • Logout all users locally when connected to a local CommServe.

    E:\commandline>qlogout -all
  • Logout all users specifically when connected to a specific CommServe (for example, server2).

    E:\commandline>qlogout -cs Server2 -all
  • Logout command executed when you are not logged on to any CommServe.

     qlogout: Error 0x268: User not logged in