QScripts on the Command Line

Qscripts are pre-defined SQL scripts that enable you to query and, in some cases, directly modify the CommServe database. Each QScript includes a readme file that provides instructions and argument parameters to query the CommServe database. Some QScripts take argument values. For a list of these values, see Command Line - FAQ.

QScripts are pre-defined by the software, so they cannot be modified by end users. You can run QScripts on legacy versions of the software which do not support XML files. However, each QScript can only modify one specific property on the entity.

Running QScripts


QScripts are recommended for advanced users only. QScripts can be directly executed using qoperation execscript qcommand. Therefore caution is recommended while using them since the operations performed using the QScripts do not have the same safety protocols that are available with other options from the CommCell Console.

You can execute QScripts using the qoperation execscript qcommand. The parameters depend on the QScript used. For example:

qoperation execscript -sn SetKeyIntoGlobalParamTbl.sql -si QSDKSessionsAudit -si y -si 1

Executing QScripts requires the Administrative Management permission at the CommCell level unless otherwise stated.


When you run the command from a Linux platform, apply single quotes for any non-numeric values and then use double quotes. For example, "'StoragePolicy1'".

Available QScripts

To view the list of available qscripts, see Available Qscripts.