Recovery Target Options for OpenStack

When you configure a recovery target for OpenStack, provide values for the OpenStack destination site.

General Options

  • Select vendor: Select OpenStack.

  • Recovery target name: Enter a descriptive name for the destination site (for example, DR site 1).

  • Destination hypervisor: Select a hypervisor to manage the destination VMs.

  • Access node: By default, the preferred VSA proxy for the hypervisor is used for the restore. You can select a different proxy from the list.

  • Instance display name: Select Prefix or Suffix, and then enter a string to append to source instances to create the display name for each destination instance.

  • Availability zone: Click Browse to browse defined availability zones and select a host.

Additional options

  • Volume type: Select a volume type that is defined for the zone of the source volumes.

  • Flavor: Select a flavor that is at or above the original configuration.

  • Security group: Select a predefined security group that defines the required network access.

  • Key pair: Select a key pair that identifies the ownership for the converted instance.

  • Network interface: Select a network interface that is available in the destination.

User membership

  • Users and user groups: Select users or user groups from the list, and then click OK to associate users or user groups with the recovery target.