Restore Process for Google Cloud Platform

A restore operation for Google Cloud Platform includes the following stages:

  1. Create disks in the project where the VSA proxy is deployed.

  2. Attach disks to the VSA proxy.

  3. Write data to the disks from the MediaAgent.

  4. Detach the disks after writes are complete.

  5. For environments where the VSA proxy and its associated project are different than the project associated with the backup instance (guest), then:

    1. Create snapshots of the disks in the project associated with the VSA proxy.

    2. From these snapshots, create disks in the destination project selected in the Restore window.

  6. Create an instance using the configuration from the config file that was backed up.

  7. Attach the restored disks to the instance.

  8. In the project that is associated with the VSA proxy, clean up the intermediate snapshot and disks that were created.