Self-Service Backup and Restore for vCloud Director Tenants

MSPs can set up tenant organization hypervisors to enable tenants to manage their own environments. With Self-Service Backup and Restore, the tenants can manage their own virtual machines and VM Groups, as well as the scheduling of their backup and restore operations all from the Command Center.

To have tenants manage their own environments, the MSP admin must complete the following:

  1. Create a vCloud Director tenant organization hypervisor for each tenant. This hypervisor is associated with the tenant's organization entity in vCloud Director and the company entity in the Commvault software. With this, tenant users can view and manage only the virtual machines associated with their vCloud organization.

  2. Configure authentication for the company (created in the previous step) using SAML or LDAP. This enables the tenant users to access Commvault to manage their organization's VMs and VM Groups.

  3. Associate a backup server plan to the company so that the tenant can associate the selected plan with their VM Groups.

Before You Begin

The MSP must create a master vCloud hypervisor client using their vCloud Director system administrator account. Refer to Adding a vCloud Hypervisor.


Create the vCloud Director Tenant Organization Hypervisor

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the Hypervisors tab, click Add hypervisor.

    The Add hypervisor wizard opens.

  3. For Select vendor, select vCloud Director.

  4. To create a tenant organization hypervisor, enable Create organization account.

    Enter the following information:

    • Hypervisor name: Type a descriptive name for the tenant organization hypervisor.

    • vCloud Director: Select the vCloud Director client.

      The client you select must be using system administrator credentials.

    • Organization: Select the organization to which the tenant organization hypervisor is associated.

      The organization is the name of the organization entity within vCloud Director.

    • Company: The Company name is automatically populated with the same name as the selected organization.

      The company is the name of the organization entity within Commvault.

  5. Click Save.

Configure Authentication for the Company using SAML or LDAP.

  1. Configure the authentication for the company using LDAP or SAML.

  2. Add an LDAP user or a SAML user from the vCloud organization to the company/tenant admin user group.

Associate a Backup Server Plan to the Company

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Companies.

    The list of configured companies appears.

  2. Click on the company that you want to associate with a plan.

    The selected company's information dashboard appears.

  3. In the Plan pane, click Edit.

    The Edit plan window appears.

  4. From the list of plans, select the check box next to the plan to associate with the company.

  5. Click Save.