Step 3: Complete the Core Setup Wizard

When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, you can finish the Core Setup using the wizard. The wizard helps you to set up a disk storage pool and to modify the server backup plan according to your requirements.

Before You Begin

Note the location of the disk library, which can be any folder on your local machine or network, where you can store backed-up data.


  1. Go to the Command Center URL that your administrator provided.

    The URL has the following format: http://webhost/adminconsole.

  2. Enter your user name and password.

  3. Click Login.

  4. From the navigation pane, go to Guided setup.

    The initial application setup page appears.

  5. Click Let's get started.

    The Core Setup wizard appears.

  6. On the Add storage pool tab of the wizard, add storage pool settings, and then click Save.

    For example, add a storage pool path (a disk library) and a deduplication database (DDB) partition path.

  7. On the Create server backup plan tab, modify the plan according to your requirements, and then click Save.