You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore Sybase databases.

Backup and Restore Capabilities

Most basic backup and restore capabilities are available for Sybase.

Backup Capabilities

Type of capability

Detailed information

What you can back up

Individual database groups.

Types of backups that you can perform

  • Full backups.

  • Transaction log backups.

  • Cumulative incremental backups.

When you can perform backups

  • On a schedule. You can have multiple schedules for each database group.

  • Immediately.

Restore Capabilities

Type of capability

Detailed information

Time periods from which you can restore data

  • From the most recent backup.

  • From a specific date/time.

Destinations that you can restore data to

  • In-place: Restore data to the location from which it was backed up.

  • Out-of-place: Restore data to the following different destinations:

    • A server that is within the same Sybase organization

    • A disk location

What Is Backed Up

  • Sybase system databases

  • Sybase user databases

  • Sybase databases (data and logs)

What Is Not Backed Up

You can use a file server to back up the following content, which is not included in backups of Sybase databases:

  • Sybase application files

  • Operating system data