Tiered Storage for Extended Retention using Cloud Libraries

Setting up a tiered storage solution using cloud storage is an efficient way to manage extended data retention and increase available space on primary storage media. With a tiered storage approach, recent and more active data is backed up to higher performing primary storage, such as a disk library, for faster restores, while infrequently accessed backup data is moved to more cost-efficient cloud storage.

Setting up a tiered storage provides the following benefits:

  • Expand your primary backup resources by moving archived or deleted data into the cloud storage space.

  • Decrease costs by moving archived or deleted data to more inexpensive cloud storage.

  • Restores from cloud storage have little to no noticeable difference for end users.

  • Disaster recovery (DR) backups can be retained for a longer period of time.

You can set up a tiered cloud storage to organize the data in one of the following ways: