Adding a VMware Hypervisor

Add a VMware hypervisor to support data protection operations for all virtual machines that are hosted or managed by the hypervisor.

Before You Begin

  • The hypervisor can be a vCenter or a standalone ESX server.

  • Identify a vCenter user account with permissions sufficient to access the vCenter, ESX servers, datastores, and virtual machines, as well as volumes, files, and folders within virtual machines, and obtain the account credentials or get access to saved credentials. The account must be able to perform discovery, backup, and restore operations.

  • Verify that the vSphere password for the hypervisor does not contain any of the following special characters or any non-ASCII characters: ampersand (&), semicolon (;), double quotation mark ("), single quotation mark ('), caret (^), backslash (\), percentage sign (%), left angle bracket (<), right angle bracket (>).

    For more information, see the VMware KB article vSphere 5.5 Single Sign-On Issues due to Special Characters in administrator@vsphere.local password (2060637).


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the Hypervisors tab, in the upper-right corner of the page, click Add hypervisor.

  3. Provide the information for the VMware hypervisor:

    • Select vendor: Select VMware vCenter.

    • vCenter server name: Enter a fully qualified hostname or IP address for the hypervisor.

      To use a port number that is not default, append the port number to the host name. For example, if the host name is, and you want to use port number 1500, enter

    • Hypervisor display name: Type a descriptive name for the hypervisor.

    • Access nodes: To identify access nodes (VSA proxies) that can manage backups and restores for the VMware hypervisor, select one or more previously deployed access nodes, and then click OK.

  4. To provide access to the hypervisor, choose to do one of the following:

    Enter credentials

    If you select this option, for Username and Password, enter the user credentials to provide administrative access to the hypervisor.

    Use saved credentials

    If you select this option, for Credentials, select a credential from the list of those available.

    The credentials listed are applicable to this hypervisor.


    To create a new credential (with Windows account type), to the right of Credentials, click Create new. Enter the name of the new credential and the user name and password to provide administrative access to the hypervisor. For more information, see Credential Manager.

  5. Click Save.