Protecting Virtualized Workloads in the Command Center

Commvault provides a complete backup and recovery solution for virtualized workloads, with support for cloud and multi-cloud environments, on-premises deployments, hybrid environments, and containerized applications.

Use the Command Center to configure Virtualization solutions quickly, with smart defaults, a policy-based approach that automates daily operations, and a dashboard for monitoring and control.


  • Back up virtual machines, instances, and containerized applications.

    Use predefined plans to perform scheduled backups, or perform on-demand backups as needed.

    Install the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) package on selected servers to provide protection for virtual machines, without the need to install an agent on each guest VM. A machine with the VSA installed acts as an access node, also called a VSA proxy.

  • Restore virtual machines and configurations, guest files and folders, or disks and volumes.

    Dynamic recovery options provide quick access to virtual machine data from point-in-time backups, without requiring a complete restore.

  • Manage virtualized workloads at the hypervisor, VM group, or VM level.

  • Use IntelliSnap to leverage hardware and software snapshot capabilities for backups, and create additional copies of backup data as needed.

  • Perform application-aware backups for applications that run on virtual machines.

  • Validate backup data to ensure that you can quickly recover from an outage.

  • Use replication to maintain warm recovery sites, with orchestration features such as failover, failback, and virtual lab support.

  • Restore or replicate from a source virtualization platform to a different destination platform.