Copy Data Management Using Distributed Storage

The Distributed Storage solution provides Copy Data Management with an integrated scale-out reference architecture design.

The solution provides the following benefits:

  • The Command Center integrates Copy Data Management and backup and archiving operations.

  • Production environment agnostic. Physical and virtual environments are supported, and you can use Copy Data Management with production systems that don't have snapshot support. Engineered system environments, such as Oracle Exadata, are also supported.

  • Optimized for scale and performance with incremental storage growth as needed, using the Distributed Storage scalable architecture. The use of virtual copies reduces storage needs, and the automatic lifecycle management of clones prevents stale copies of data.

  • Data is always available, even if you have concurrent hardware failures.

  • Security of copied data through data masking of copied production data.

  • Multiple recovery options, which are flexible and granular. The solution is designed to meet all RPO and RTO objectives and to improve overall business continuity.

Copy Data Management backs up data in native database format to Distributed Storage clusters. A snapshot is triggered after every backup to capture the state of the application for point-in-time restores and copies. Virtual copies of data for Copy Data Management use cases are provided by creating read/write clones of these snapshots on the Distributed Storage clusters.

You can configure an option in a server plan to initiate the use of a Distributed Storage as a Copy Data Management target and to enable the instant clone capability. You turn on this option when the backup storage associated with a server plan comes from a Distributed Storage cluster. Associate the server plan with the database client or the database instance when they are configured.