Copying Amazon EC2 Snapshots with IntelliSnap

You can copy Amazon EC2 snapshots between geographic regions, and you can restore replicated snapshots from one AWS account to another.

For snapshots that have custom tags, tags are retained when snapshots are replicated across regions within the same Amazon account. Tags attached to the source snapshot are not copied to the destination account or to a regional snapshot copy.


You can replicate snapshots for volumes that use default or custom encryption. For information about configuring replication of snapshots in the AWS Console, see Configuring Replication of AWS-Encrypted Snapshots.

Before You Begin

  • You can share Amazon EC2 snapshots to a different AWS account.

  • Since snapshots are shared with a specific AWS account, the snapshots are always shared as private snapshots.

  • You can perform the following types of restores from a replicated snapshot copy, from a AWS different account:

    • Restore guest files and folders: To restore guest files and folders, the access node must be part of AWS and must reside in the same AWS account as the snapshots.

    • Restore a full instance

    • Attach a volume to an existing instance

    • Attach a volume to a new instance

  • In the snapshot mappings that you specify in the server plan, you can map only one destination region for each source region.


  1. Modify a server plan to add a snapshot copy and snapshot mappings.

  2. Associate the server plan with an Amazon EC2 VM group that has IntelliSnap enabled.


Snapshots are replicated as you specified in the snapshot mappings, in the same AWS account.