Enabling IntelliSnap Backups

Enable IntelliSnap backups to use Amazon snapshot capabilities.


In certain cases, the Commvault software might not delete snapshots that are intended to be temporary, and these snapshots can increase your monthly costs for AWS. For information about identifying and deleting these snapshots, see Cleaning up resources after Amazon EC2 instance or backup deletion.


To enable IntelliSnap support, perform the following tasks:

  1. Configure storage as described in Configuring a Cloud Storage. Specify an Amazon instance as the MediaAgent.

  2. Add the hypervisor as described in Adding an Amazon Hypervisor.

  3. Create a server plan as described in Create a server plan.

  4. Create a VM group and select the IntelliSnap option.

  5. Associate the plan with the VM group.


When you enable IntelliSnap on a VM group, Commvault automatically creates the following configurations:

  • Schedule policies are created for the primary (snap) and backup copies.

  • The server backup plan associated with the VM group has IntelliSnap enabled and is set to retain eight snap recovery points. (You can modify the server plan to specify a different number of snaps to retain.)