Managing Access Nodes

Virtual Server Agent (VSA) access nodes (also known as proxies) are used to perform backup and restore operations. Any machine where the VSA is installed can act as a VSA access node. Different access nodes are used for VMware and Hyper-V.

By default, the first available access node listed for a VM group acts as a coordinator for jobs, distributing operations to any other access nodes that are available for the VM group.

You can add or remove access nodes for a hypervisor or a VM group, or change the order in which access nodes are listed. By default, all VM groups for a hypervisor use the access nodes for the hypervisor, unless a different list is specified for the VM group. ^


If you select a new Hyper-V node as an access node for a hypervisor, the Command Center initiates a remote install to push the Virtual Server Agent, MediaAgent, and VSS provider to the new node. At the VM group level, only nodes that are already enabled as VSA access nodes are displayed for selection, so no additional installs are required.


Adding or Removing Access Nodes

  1. In the Access Node area for a hypervisor or VM group, click Edit.

    The Access node> Edit dialog box lists all access nodes that are available for the hypervisor.

  2. In the Edit access node dialog box, select the check box for each access node to be used for operations with the hypervisor or VM group, and clear the check box for each access node that should not be used.

  3. Click OK.

Changing the Order of Access nodes

  1. In the Access node area for a hypervisor or VM group, click Actions > Reorder.

    The Reorder option is only displayed if multiple access nodes are specified.

  2. Click the up or down arrows to move an access node up or down.

  3. Click Save to save the change in sequence.