Microsoft Exchange Restores

For Microsoft Exchange, you can use the Exchange Database application to restore data from an application-aware backup. You can restore a database in place or out of place, restore files to a machine that is not running Exchange, or recover messages from application-aware backups. For more information about different restore options, see the following topics:

If you try to recover an Exchange database when a request to browse or restore granular data from an application-aware backup is in progress, and you receive an error message indicating the VSS snap was not found, retry the operation.

Restore Requirements

The following requirements apply when restoring Exchange data:

  • Ensure that the MediaAgent is prepared for recovering messages.

  • Requires Microsoft Exchange 2010 or later.

  • To stage extents for live browse and restore operations from application-aware backups, the block-level browse feature uses a Least Recently Used (LRU)-based pseudomount cache in the job results directory. The pseudomount cache is pruned periodically to free up extents. The pseudomount cache requires up to 20 GB of free space for restore jobs of any size. For more information about block-level browse requirements, see Live Browse, Block-Level Browse, and Metadata Collection.