Newsletter for New Features in Feature Release 11.23

Features and enhancements that we want to highlight in this feature release are listed here, with a link to full documentation for the feature.

For your convenience, the Newsletter for New Features in Feature Release 23 is also available in PDF format, New Features in Feature Release 11.23.

For a comprehensive list of all new features, see New Features.

Complete Backup and Recovery

Automatic Failovers for CommServe LiveSync

Automatic CommServe failover provides high service availability for the CommServe server, which in turn, lowers the downtime for backups, restores, and other operations in a CommCell. When automatic failover is enabled, if a failure occurs, the active CommServe host automatically fails over to the standby CommServe host. Monitoring nodes are used to monitor the active CommServe host in real-time, to obtain the information necessary to detect failures, and to perform a successful failover to a standby CommServe host. If there is more than one standby node, the node with the most recent database will be made active.

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Email Alerts for Client Computers That Might Miss or Might Have Missed the SLA

When a client computer is predicted to miss the SLA, the software sends an email alert. The email alert contains the list of the predicted client computers, the client computers that have already missed the SLA, and the associated reason for missing the SLA.

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Modern Infrastructures

Universal Command Center

In a multi-CommCell environment, you can configure one or more Command Center machines, which are associated with a designated identity provider (IdP) CommCell machine, as universal Command Center machines. A universal Command Center machine is a machine that can host the Command Center applications of multiple service CommCell machines. Using a universal Command Center machine eliminates the need to maintain a Command Center machine for each service CommCell machine.

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