Options for Conversion to Google Cloud Platform

When you restore a VM from a different hypervisor to Google Cloud Platform, provide Google Cloud Platform values for the restore operation.

Restore Options

  • Restore as: Select Google Cloud.

  • Destination: Select a Google Cloud Platform hypervisor from the list.

  • Access node: To use a different proxy for the restore, select it from the list.

    When you restore multiple instances or VMs, select Automatic to distribute the workload (instances or VMs) in the restore job across the access nodes (also called proxies) that are assigned for the destination hypervisor.

    First, the instances or VMs are assigned to the access nodes by a zone match. Then, if access nodes are not available in the same zone, the instances or VMs are assigned by a region match. If access nodes are not available in the same region, then the instances or VMs are assigned using the round-robin method.

    The Automatic option to distribute the workload is available for full restore and conversion operations both from streaming backups or IntelliSnap backup copies.

  • If you are restoring multiple VMs, click the All VMs tab to specify configuration values for all destination instances, or click the name of each instance to specify values individually.

    • Instance display name (when restoring an individual instance): Enter the display name for the converted instance.

    You can specify the following values for all instances or for an individual instance:

    • Zone: Browse to select the destination zone.

    • Machine type: Select the machine configuration type to be used for the converted VMs.

    • External IP: To assign a public IP address for restored instances, select this check box.

    • Network interface (for an individual instance): Browse to select an available network connection for the destination zone.

  • Power on instances after restore: Start the converted instance automatically after the conversion completes.

  • Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists: Delete an existing instance and replace it with the converted instance.