Options in the Azure Auto Scale Settings Dialog Box

You can use the options in the Auto scale settings dialog box to configure the scale-out behavior of Azure access nodes.

  • Server group: Select the empty server group where Azure access nodes will be created and decommissioned.

  • Resource group: Select the resource group in which the virtual machine should be created.

  • Add: To configure a different region, click this button. In the Add region dialog box, configure the region settings:

    • Region: Select the region that you want to use to create access nodes.

      If you configure multiple regions, then the VMs are created in the same region as the access node. VMs are not created in a different region than the access node.

    • Storage account: Select the storage account to use for the access nodes.

    • Virtual network: Select a virtual network (VNet).

    • Subnet: Select a sub network of the virtual network.

    • Network security group: Select a security group.

Advanced Settings

  • Auto select VM size: To automatically select the size of the VM that is used to create the Azure access nodes, move the toggle key to the right. The default VM size is an F-series with a 30 GB Standard HDD.

  • Maximum number of access nodes: Type or select the maximum number of access nodes (up to 100) that can be created in each region to back up VMs in the region. The maximum number of access nodes allowed in each region is 100. The default number of access nodes for this option is 10.

  • Create public IP: To create a public IP address that can be used to access the nodes, move the toggle key to the right.

    You can configure a network topology for a specific server in the server group and assign the public IP address to that server. In this scenario, when a user accesses that server using the public IP address, the user can also access the other access nodes in the server group.