Preparing Linux VMs for Conversion

Commvault uses paravirtual drivers for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to attach volumes for Linux VMs. If paravirtualized drivers are not included on the source VMs that you back up and use as the source for a conversion, the converted VMs might not start in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To resolve this issue, add the required drivers, recut the initramfs file, and perform a new backup to use as source for the conversion.


  1. To determine whether virtio drivers are included in the initramfs disk image, run the following command:

    lsinitrd | grep -i virtio

    If the command does not return a list of virtio drivers, then perform the following steps.

  2. Run the following command to return the current image name:

    initramfs-$(uname -r).img

  3. To create a backup of the current initramfs image, run the following command:

    cp /boot/<Current_Image_Name> /boot/<Current_Image_Name>.backup

  4. Edit the dracut.conf file:

    vi /etc/dracut.conf
  5. Uncomment the line that contains add-drivers, and then add the drivers to the line, with spaces separating each module:

    add_drivers+="virtio virtio_ring virtio_pci virtio_scsi virtio_net virtio_balloon"
  6. Go to the boot folder:

    cd /boot
  7. Recut the initramfs image:

    dracut -f -v
  8. List the RAM disk image contents and verify that the virtio drivers were added:

    lsinitrd | grep -i virtio
  9. Perform a new backup of the source VM.

  10. Perform a restore operation to convert the VM to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance.