Protecting EC2 Data in AWS Outposts

Commvault protects Amazon EC2 instances in AWS Outposts. For information, see Amazon EC2.

You must configure a hypervisor to provide native API access to the AWS Outposts. Then, you can back up the Amazon EC2 instances and the underlying EBS volumes.


  • If AWS Outposts is provisioned with Amazon S3 that has the Amazon EBS Local Snapshots feature enabled, then Amazon EC2 backups fail.

  • Commvault uses AWS-native EBS snapshots to protect Amazon EC2 instances. EBS snapshots are stored within the Amazon S3 service. Since the Amazon S3 service is not available within AWS Outposts, Amazon EBS snapshots are stored within the AWS region. Consider this limitation when planning for desired recovery times. Your recovery will occur over the network. Restore throughput will be largely dependent on the volume of data and the available bandwidth of your connection to the AWS region.

  • Volume-based recovery might occur by attaching the restored volumes to the existing or new Amazon EC2 instances.