Retiring Offline Company Laptops as a Tenant Administrator

You can automatically retire offline laptops in the company that have not communicated with the CommServe server for a specific time period. After configuring a time period for retiring offline laptops, you can also choose to configure a time period that the retired offline laptops are deleted after.


  • By default, a company laptop is retired if it is offline for 6 months, and retired offline laptops are never deleted.

  • If the time period for retiring and deleting offline laptops is configured in a laptop plan, then the laptop plan configuration takes precedence over the company configuration. For more information about configuring the time period in a laptop plan, see Retiring Offline Laptops Associated With a Plan.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Company.

    The company properties page appears.

  2. At the bottom of the page, under Retire offline laptops, update the retire and delete settings:

    1. In the Retire laptops when they are offline for box, specify the time period that you want offline laptops to be retired after.

    2. In the Delete offline laptops after box, specify the time period that you want the retired offline laptops to be deleted after.


  • After the time period for retiring offline laptops expires:

    • The offline laptops without any associated backup data are deleted.

    • The offline laptops with associated backup data remain in the deconfigured state.

  • After the time period for deleting offline laptops expires, the deconfigured laptops are deleted.