Searching for VM Group Files

You can search within a VM group to find a specific file to restore or to download from the most recent indexed backup.


  • For File Indexing Version 2 clients, searching for VM group files is only available if file search features are enabled at the plan level.

  • You can use UNIX-style regular expressions in the search.

  • You cannot download or restore files from a backup copy on tape.

  • You can download files up to 5 GB in size. For larger files, perform a restore operation.

  • If the following folders are on the default drive (for example, C:), then they are excluded from search results. If the folders are located on a non-default drive (for example, E:), then they are included in search results.

    • Program Files

    • Program Files (x86)

    • Windows

    • ProgramData


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines tab appears.

  2. On the VM groups tab, click in the search box in the top right corner, and then enter a search string for the VM groups that you are searching for (you can use UNIX-style regular expressions), and then press Enter.

  3. Click a VM group that has indexed files.

    The VM group page appears.

  4. Click the search box in the upper right corner, enter a search string for the files that you are searching for ), and then press Enter.

    The Search page displays search results.

  5. To further modify the search, click in the search box again, enter a search string, and then click Search to repeat the search with the modified criteria.

  6. In the Actions column, click the action button, and then click one of the following options: