Setup Wizard for the IBM i Application

When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, a setup wizard guides you through the core setup required by the applications available in the Command Center. After you complete the core setup, complete the setup wizard specific to the Servers application.

To complete the setup wizard for an IBM i server, you must first set up at least one Linux server as an access node. When selecting the packages to install, you must include the File System for IBM i package. You will need the following server information for the IBM i server:

  • The server name

  • The host name

  • The data folder for the Commvault software

  • The CVD port that the access node CVD will use to talk to the IBM i server. (Note that this is different than the port used between the access node CVD and the CommServe computer.)

  • The credentials that you use to access the server

  • The Linux server that you created as the access node

Package Installation on the IBM i Client

After you create the IBM i client, the Commvault package is automatically installed during the next backup or browse if the SSH services are active on IBM i client machine and the access node, and if the SSH connectivity between the access node and the IBM i client machine exists.

Automatic installation on the IBM i client performs following tasks.

  • Starts SSH sessions from the access node to the IBM i client to copy CVINSTPKG.savf.

  • Extracts the required objects, and executes the installation command.

  • Creates the CVLIB and CVLIBOBJ program libraries when they do not exist.

  • Copies the required files into the CVLIB program library.

  • Creates the class object, job description, and job queue when the option to create the job queue is selected.

  • Copies the configuration files to the data directory.

  • Prepares the data directory.

  • Changes the subsystem description by adding the new routing entry and attaches the job queue, when the option to create the job queue is selected.

  • Starts the Commvault services in the specified subsystem.

  • Sets the ownership for library, directories, and files to the specified user profile.

  • Deletes the Commvault temporary files and temporary libraries.

If the SSHD server is not installed on the IBM i client, then follow the manual steps to install the CVINSTPKG on the IBM i client. For more information, see Installing the CVINSTPKG.savf Installation Package.

After the Commvault package is installed on the IBM i client, all updates that are installed on the access node are automatically pushed to all of the connected IBM i clients during the first communication session between the access node and the IBM i client.