Should I Transition to VM-Centric Hypervisors?

Applies to: Amazon EC2, Azure, VMware

By default, VM-centric operations are enabled for all new hypervisors. You can continue to use your current hypervisors and allow the transition to VM-centric operations to progress naturally as you add new hypervisors.

Reasons to Transition

You might want to consider transitioning soon if you are experiencing any of the following scenarios:

  • In your current environment, synthetic full jobs are slow.

  • You need to retain backups or aux copy backups for individual VMs.

  • You want to delete individual VMs from a backup job.

Reasons to Avoid Transition

Applies to: Hyper-V, VMware

You can perform a live browse from media using Indexing V2.

If you want inline metadata collection for NTFS and EXT3 file system because media access is slow (for backups stored on archival or asynchronous request mediums such as tape and for archival object storage services such as Amazon S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive), then you might want to continue to use your current hypervisor.