Virtualization SLA

The Virtualization SLA page shows information about performance against expected backup schedules.

To access the report:

  • From the navigation pane, go to Reports and then, under Recent, click SLA.

The top section of the report shows SLA performance graphically.

The Virtual Machine Details section shows the following information for each VM:

  • VM Name: The name of the virtual machine. Click the name to view more information about the VM.

  • SLA Status: Displays one of the following values:

    • Missed SLA: Backups did not run in the expected time range, or backups failed.

    • Excluded: Backups were disabled.

    • Met SLA: Backups were performed successfully.

  • Last Protected Time: The date and time of the last successful backup.

  • Category: Additional information about the reasons for the SLA status. The following entries can be displayed in this column:

    • Backup Activity Disabled

    • Protected

    • No Schedule

    • No job within SLA Period

    • Failed