VSA Feature Comparison Matrix

You can use the VSA Feature Comparison Matrix to get feature information for the Virtual Server Agent based on the following criteria:

  • Hypervisor

  • Feature name

  • Backup type

  • Proxy operating system

  • Version

The matrix includes the following tabs:

  • Search: Search for a particular string or compare feature support for different criteria.

    You can page through the results and select the number of results to show on each page.

  • Compatibility Check: Verify whether a feature is available for a particular configuration.


  1. Go to the VSA Feature Comparison Matrix page.

  2. On the Search tab, use one of the following methods to get feature information:

    • Type a string in the search box and press Enter.

      Use the '*' wild card to match partial words.

    • Select a radio button under one or more of the following categories to filter the feature display, either with a search string or independently:

      • Hypervisor

      • Feature

      • Backup Type (select N/A for features that are not associated with a backup type)

      • Proxy Operating System

      • Version

      The results are filtered when you perform a search or select a radio button.

  3. To clear search results and selections and redisplay the entire list of features, click Reset All.

  4. To save the results as a list of comma-separated values, click Export to CSV.

  5. On the Compatibility Check tab, select values from the Hypervisor and Feature lists (mandatory).

    From the remaining lists, you can use the default value (Any) or select a specific value.