Web Service Routing for Environments with Multiple CommCell Deployments

If your infrastructure has multiple CommCell environments, each CommCell environment has a different URL for web-based interfaces (such as the Command Center and Web Console). With web service routing, you can configure one URL to be the single entry point for users to access their web services.

The web interfaces for one CommCell environment are designated as the entry points for all users. An administrator registers this CommCell environment as the entry point (also called the CommCell router), and then registers the other CommCell environments (called service CommCell environments) on the CommCell router.

For example, if you have three CommCell environments, you can designate one of them as the entry point for users to access their web interfaces. After configuring the routing feature, users from any of the CommCell environments can go to either the Web Console or the Command Center on the entry point URL, enter their credentials, and then be redirected to the web interface for the CommCell environment to which they belong. If a user exists in more than one CommCell environment, then the user can choose which CommCell environment they want to access.