Adding Non-HA Storage Proxies for S3 Object Storage

To add a non-HA Hedvig Storage Proxy for S3 object storage, you enter the deployment environment and follow a series of prompts.


  1. Set up the storage proxies, as described in Setting Up Hedvig Storage Proxies.

  2. Start a tmux session.

  3. Enter the Hedvig deployment environment.

  4. Login to the cluster:

    login_to_cluster <cluster_name>

  5. Enter:


    Adding Non-HA Proxies for S3 Object Storage (1)

  6. Respond to the prompts. (Only those prompts requiring additional explanation are listed here.)

    Enter the number of non-HA CVMs to add to the cluster (default - 1):

    Use only non-HA storage proxies for S3 object storage.

    Add as an objectstore s3 CVM? (y/N)

    Enter y to add this storage proxy as an S3 object storage proxy.