Adding Storage Proxies in Batch Mode

To add a Hedvig Storage Proxy in batch mode, you set the HV_ROOTPASS environment variable, and then add the storage proxy using the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command.


  1. Set up the storage proxies, as described in Setting Up Hedvig Storage Proxies.

  2. Start a tmux session.

  3. Since the Ansible configuration file is not read when storage proxies are added, set the HV_ROOTPASS environment variable.

    export HV_ROOTPASS=<root_password>

  4. Enter the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command, using specific arguments to customize the storage proxies.


    Options for the /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy command take two dashes (--).

    • HA (highly available) CVM pair

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name <cluster_name> --add_hacvms <proxy1_FQDN> <proxy2_FQDN> --vip_name <vip_FQDN> --vip <vip_IP> --private_net <private_network>

      cluster_name — name of the Hedvig Cluster to which you wish to add the HA storage proxy pair
      add_hacvms — fully qualified domain names of the two storage proxies you wish to add
      vip_name — fully qualified domain name of the VIP you will use to access the storage proxies
      vip — IP address of the VIP
      private_net — private network for the storage proxies

      For example:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name cluster1 --add_hacvms proxy1.local.lab proxy2.local.lab --vip_name vip1.local.lab --vip --private_net --nfs_pct 100 --iscsi_pct 0
    • Individual CVM without HA

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name <cluster_name> --add_nonhacvms <proxy1_FQDN> [<proxy2_FQDN> ...]

      For example:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name cluster1 --add_nonhacvms proxy3.local.lab
    • Individual Object (S3) CVM without HA

      (HA Object CVMs are not directly available, but can be managed with a separate load balancer.)

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name <cluster_name> --add_objectcvms <proxy1_FQDN> [<proxy2_FQDN> ...]

      For example:

      /opt/hedvig/bin/hv_deploy --cluster_name cluster1 --add_objectcvms proxy4.local.lab

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