AWS Setup Prerequisites

You must set up the following components before deploying AWS with Hedvig. All components must be accessible to the internal AWS subnets.

  • an Amazon VPC (virtual private cloud), which must have an IGW (internet gateway) or an outbound NAT (network address translation) gateway, a subnet, and an AWS-provided DNS (domain name system)

  • a PEM (privacy enhanced mail) key to launch instances

  • an IAM (identity and access management) instance profile with full access to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3

  • M4 instances, depending on the particular setup:

    • m4.4xlarge instances, which are used for simple functional testing

    • m4.10xlarge instances, which are required for performance, deduplication, and production. This type of instance is created for PoC setups with 9x200 G and 3x90 G drives.

  • a security group with the port ranges shown in TCP/UDP Ports for Hedvig Storage Nodes and Proxies with Firewalls.