Deploying Clusters Interactively

To deploy a Hedvig Storage Cluster interactively, you enter the deployment environment and follow a series of prompts.


  1. Start a tmux session.

  2. Enter the Hedvig deployment environment.

  3. Deploy the cluster.


    Deploying Hedvig Storage Clusters Interactively (deploy_new_cluster) (2)

  4. Respond to the prompts. (The following table documents only the prompts that require explanation.)


What to enter

Specify an input method to define the cluster:
1) Load an Ansible inventory configuration file
2) View Ansible configuration file formatting information

Enter 1 because the Ansible configuration file is prepared already.

Specify the absolute path to Ansible inventory file:

Enter /home/admin/<Ansible configuration file> or the location in which you have placed this file.

Please enter the SSH password for <cluster name>

Use the same ssh password for all Hedvig Storage Cluster Nodes and Storage Proxies.

Do you want to preserve data? (y/N)
  • If you want to wipe out all data remaining in the nodes and proxies, enter N.

  • If you want to preserve existing data, enter y.


Depending on available resources, the deployment process might take 30-60 minutes.

What to Do Next

When the deployment process is complete, access the cluster in either the Hedvig WebUI or the Hedvig CLI, as described in Bringing Up Clusters in the WebUI or CLI.

Ansible Configuration File Details

HV Environment Variables

hv deploy set Commands