govc Utility Environment Variables

The govc utility uses required and optional environment variables to communicate with the vCenter host.

  • Required govc environment variables

    If you use an untrusted security certificate, you must set GOVC_INSECURE as shown below.

    export GOVC_INSECURE=1

    You must set GOVC_URL. The easiest setting is shown below. (An alternative is shown in the next section.)

    export GOVC_URL='https://<username>:<password>@<vspherehost>/sdk'

  • Optional govc environment variables

    You can also set GOVC_URL as follows, using optional environment variables to set the user, password, and url separately.

    export GOVC_USERNAME=root
    export GOVC_PASSWORD=vmware123
    export GOVC_DATASTORE=vsanDatastore
    export GOVC_NETWORK="VM Network"
    export GOVC_RESOURCE_POOL='*/Resources'