ovftool hedvig Tool Settings

This section describes how to make ovftool_hedvig tool settings. Also defined are which settings are required and which are for networking (both primary and secondary interfaces).

  • Here are the methods by which you can make the settings:

    • environment variables,

    • one or more configuration files,

    • command line parameters, or

    • a mixture of these three methods.

  • The settings can be overridden, and the order of precedence is:

    1. environment variables

    2. configuration file 1

    3. ... (more configuration files) ... to configuration file N

    4. command line parameters

  • Here are the required ovftool_hedvig tool settings:

    • VCENTER: vCenter host

    • VCENTER_USER: vCenter username ("admin", "vcenter@company.com", etc.)

    • VCENTER_PASS: vCenter password

    • DC: data center

    • CLUSTER: cluster name

    • ESXI_HOST: ESXi host for new VM

    • OVA_PATH: path or URI to OVA file

    • VM_NAME: fully qualified VM hostname

    • VM_DATASTORE: datastore name for OS disk

    • VLAN: VLAN name for primary interface

  • Here are the network (primary interface) ovftool_hedvig tool settings:

    • DHCP: use DHCP for primary interface

    • IP: IP address of primary interface (

    • NETMASK: netmask of primary interface (

    • GATEWAY: default gateway address (

  • Here are the network (secondary interface) ovftool_hedvig tool settings:

    • IP_PRIVATE: internal/isolated network IP for storage proxy machine (

    • NETMASK_PRIVATE: internal/isolated netmask for storage proxy machine (

    • VLAN_ISOLATED: isolated VLAN name