Request Access Styles

Hedvig supports both S3 path-style and virtual-hosted style requests. Path-style requests are recommended, except when hosting static websites backed by Hedvig Object Storage buckets.

  • A path-style request URL has the following format:


    The hostendpoint is the fully qualified hostname of the storage proxy or load balancer endpoint and port number, for example,


    For more information, see the <hostendpoints> definition in S3 <s3> Element.

  • A virtual-hosted style request includes the bucket name as part of the domain name in
    the URL, as follows:

    http://bucketname.hostendpoint/key name

    For virtual hosting of a bucket, you must create CNAME (canonical name) alias DNS (domain name system) records to redirect requests for bucketname.hostendpoint as the hostname to be routed to the appropriate host endpoint.