Setting Up Hedvig Deployment Servers

To set up a Hedvig Deployment Server, deploy a server appliance VM, add hostnames to the /etc/hosts file, copy the Hedvig and RPM files to the /home/admin directory, and then extract the binaries.


  1. Deploy a Hedvig Deployment Server as an appliance VM, as described in Setting Up Deployment Servers as Appliance VMs on ESXi Hosts.

  2. If you are not deploying the cluster as DNS available, add all cluster hostnames to the /etc/hosts file, as described in Editing the /etc/hosts File on a Deployment Server.

  3. Extract the binaries, as described in Extracting Hedvig Binaries.

  4. From the directory into which you downloaded the Hedvig software, copy the following files to the /home/admin/ directory on the deployment server.

    • hedvig_extract.bin

    • rpm_extract.bin

    • <Ansible configuration file>