Setting Up S3 Service Users in the Hedvig REST API

You can set up S3 Service users using the Hedvig REST API.


To set up a user within the Hedvig REST API:

curl -X PUT --data-urlencode "request={type:AddUser, category:UserManagement, params:{displayName:'hedviguser', userName:'hedviguser', tenant:'Hedvig', role:'SuperUser', email:'', mobile:'1234567890', password:'hedvig', isGeneratedPassword:'false', isLdapUser:'false'}, sessionId:'d93ca275a6eedd1e9ec10696e923aded'}}" | python -m json.tool

Here is an example of a returned result:

   "requestId": "CFC8BBA3-BB06-12D9-771A-E5F830BE72B2",
    "result": {
        "isLdapUser": false,
        "tenant": "Hedvig",
        "userName": "hedviguser"
    "status": "ok",
    "type": "AddUser"
  • For more information about the Hedvig REST API, see the Hedvig REST API Guide.