Creating an Alert in the ServiceNow Commvault Application

You can create a Commvault alert, which can be used to create a ServiceNow incident.


  1. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, go to Subscribe CV Alerts.

    The Alerts list appears.

  2. Click the Add alert button.

    The Add alert dialog box appears.

  3. In the Alert name field, enter a name for the new alert.

  4. In the Email field, enter the email of the ServiceNow instance.

    In addition to sending an alert email to the ServiceNow instance email, the system creates a ServiceNow incident for the alert. For example, if you create an alert with a criteria of Backup Job Failed (see step 6, below), then a ServiceNow incident is created when a backup job fails for that CommCell instance.


    ServiceNow creates an incident only if the inbound email action for Create Incident is set to Active. To set this action, go to Email > Inbound Actions.

  5. Optional: To enter additional email addresses to send alerts to, in the Email field, enter the addresses, separated by semi-colons (;).

  6. From the Choose alert criteria list, select an alert criteria.

  7. Click the Add button.